Isle of Lewis History and Culture

The historical story of the Hebrides is a compelling tale of struggles and triumphs spanning the 8000 years since the last ice age. This story is not just told in books, but can be seen first hand at some of the best preserved historical sites in the country.
Some of these you may know about, like the Callanish Stones and the Broch at Doune Carloway, but there are sites which have been developed more recently which are essential visits like the Iron Age Village at Bostadh and The Gearrannan Blackhouse Village. These sites provide a physical link with the past from the first people who started to farm the land some 5000 years ago, up to those who worked the land in the last few hundred years.

The Hebrides are the heartland of the Gaelic culture. Over the summer months in particular you will find many events celebrating the Gaelic and Celtic culture of these islands.


Hebridean Celtic Festival July
Feis Eilean an Fhraoich July Stornoway
Lewis Highland Games July Tong Recreation Centre
Hebridean Sheepdog Trials July
Sail Hebrides Maritime Festival July